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Dimension 85: increasing business value from your digital assets.

Dimension 85 is an internet consulting company helping companies of all sizes in Surrey, Sussex, Kent and beyond with increasing business value from their digital, website and online marketing investment.

Working in a dynamic and changing working environment that has few standards applied, we always look to apply considered best practice gained from delivering solutions that are used by organizations worldwide.

Our services include:

In addition, we provide a range of courses and training sessions and world-class products that enhance the performance, security and availability of your website.

All of our products and services are fully tailored to your own specific requirements and we encourage you to contact us for an initial discussion to see how we can help you further develop your business online.

Our clients

We have worked with companies of all sizes including:

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  • Logo of bull
  • Logo of mena
  • Logo of trg
  • Logo of defra

Our affiliations

We work with and promote the work of the following companies and organizations:

  • Logo of Surrey Chambers Of Commerce
  • Logo of CyberSafe Surrey
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