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Business Issue

Embarking on setting up a website for your business is more often than not a simple decision to make, however, it is only when you get started on the project that you realise that there is so many things that you have to take into account like who to host with, who will develop the website and services that you need, how to support your website, writing copy and as we have covered in other areas of this website you must get visitors to your website.

Business Requirement

Getting access to all of these services in the local community is sometimes a challenge and sometimes when you sign up with large service providers you do not always get the level of service or responsiveness that you desire and certainly need to support your business.

This is where Dimension 85 can help.

As a local company specialising in the internet and digital technologies we work with service providers that cover the complete spectrum of services that are required to develop, run and support digital environments, irrespective of how diverse or complex.  

This local advantage means that you can meet and work with your service provider face to face if necessary as they will never be far away geographically and so much, if not all, of the pain of dealing with remote-based companies can be eradicated.

At present Dimension 85 have can help you source services in the following areas:

  • website hosting
  • website development
  • website maintenance
  • creative design
  • marketing activations
  • copywriting

We are always developing our portfolio and should a service you are looking for not be shown above, then please contact us as we will probably be able to connect you with someone local who can help you.

Next steps

We are always ready to help any business so if you would like to find out more  about any of these services then please contact Dimension 85 using our request a callback facility.






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