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Business Issue

As important as websites are to a business they are often considered as a technical matter best dealt with by technical people that understand the digital environment that they reside in.
Indeed, there is a need for technical people to be involved at all stages of a website's lifetime, but as a business investment and possibly a major go-to-market channel, its management and governance are business issues and therefore, should be managed as such.Website Management from Dimension 85
Web sites can consume large amounts of money in their construction, day to day operation and also in their marketing.  Unfortunately, relating that spend in business terms is difficult at best and in many cases almost impossible.

Business Requirement

Through our Achilles for Websites service, we have found that many website implementations focus on the front facing aspects of a website making sure that it looks great and does what it should in helping visitors become prospects and customers.  
However, we have also found that the attention afforded to the governance of the site, the future strategies for its development and how to reduce costs over time often receives considerably lower, if any,  business priority.   
We have uncovered that a major issue in this is in relating website performance and management in business terms for executive management and with this issue resolved the performance of a website, and with it business from the website can dramatically improve.  

Website Management

Dimension 85 has developed a wide range of management services that support businesses through website management, which in turn maximises their website ROI.
Our range of services includes:

Achilles for Websites

Achilles for Websites delivers an extensive assessment of your website environment from a business, management and technical perspective.  We also cover the effectiveness of your SEO and your readiness and preparedness for addressing cyber security issues and provide observations and recommendations targeted at your specific website implementation.
With our unique Website Maturity Index, Achilles for Websites is a highly effective management tool for getting a grip with all aspects of your website investment and understanding where your attention is best focussed. 

Website Management Services

Using our breadth of experience in website development, digital management, internet consulting and business consulting we can provide a complete Website Management Service that entails all covers aspects of your website and digital assets.  
This premier service is tailored to align with your business objectives for your website. 

Knowledge Transfer

For clients that wish to enhance their own control and management of their website, we can deliver knowledge transfer and provide a support service for your team so that you can benefit from our knowledge and experience without outsourcing control of this important asset.  

Next Steps

Gain access to knowledge and experience on managing websites to enhance the performance of your website and value it delivers to your business. To find out how Dimension 85 can help you please contact Dimension 85 using our request a callback facility.






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