Cyber Security

Business Issue

Cyber security is a major concern for many businesses and internet users alike. Cyber Criminal

For a business, it can mean the loss of ability to deliver online services to customers and prospects alike, loss of business revenue and the long term damaging effects that reputational damage can bring from high profile media exposure that can arise when cyber attacks occur.

For individuals, it is much more personal as although it may only need them to change their online passwords, it can lead to fraud being perpetrated on them or even the major issues caused through full identity theft.

With high profile occurrences of cyber-attacks appearing in the media and the ones we are not informed about, this problem is one that requires both businesses and individuals alike to keep abreast of the exposures they face and take appropriate action to protect themselves.

Business Requirement

The company website is its online window to the world.  Whether it is for generating revue through e-commerce activity, provide an online service holding considerable personal data for your clients or is a point of reference for potential clients to check to ensure you are a credible business, the presence you present must also be secure and safe for everyone to work within.

Being secure and showing that to you online visitors is now a mandatory requirement.  With a wide range of products and solutions available on the market to help solve known issues and the high profile the media gives to such events understanding your options in this complex field is becoming more compelling.

Cyber Security Solutions

Dimension 85 recognises the high importance of cyber security to both companies and individuals alike and are continually adding consulting services, technical products and other resources to our portfolio.

Achilles for Websites

Our Achilles for Websites conducts an extensive assessment of your readiness and preparedness for addressing cyber security issues and provides observations and recommendations targeted at your specific website implementation.

Cyber Security Products

We are able to provide and maintain a range of cyber security products, including protocol certificates, firewalls and protection against other major methods used by cyber criminals, enabling a major barrier and deterrent to attacks of this nature.        

  • Force HTTPS protocol: This will elevate the website to https status for all website activity giving your clients confidence in your website when viewing or entering personal details.
  • Website firewall with active OWASP website protection: - A web application firewall (WAF) is an appliance, server plugin, or filter that applies a set of rules to an HTTP conversation. Generally, these rules cover common attacks such as cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection. By customizing the rules to your application, many attacks can be identified and blocked. 
  • Bot detection and control - Excessive bot crawling can be detected and prevented using easy to define tools.
  • Browser integrity  - Automatically performs a browser integrity check for all requests to your website by evaluating the HTTP headers for threat signatures. If a threat signature is found, the request will be denied. 

  • Reputation-based security the first line of defense - Using threat data from a variety of sources to build a reputation for every visitor online, you can set the desired security setting for your site and then stop threats before they reach your website. 

  • Block list / trust list - In addition, to auto-detected threats add further protection using IP address, IP ranges or entire countries to your Trust and Block list. 
  • Save bandwidth and server resources - Stopping threats before they get to your website saves bandwidth and resources enabling your server to serve your legitimate traffic optimally.
  • Protect SSH / Telnet / FTP ports - Extend your protection to ports like SSH, FTP and Telnet by disabling them for your root domain while continuing to access them from a subdomain of your choosing.

Security Products for Individuals

We are currently working on developing support for security products that are suitable for use on laptops, smartphones, tablets and other personal computing devices that enhance your defence against privacy and security incursions attacks.       

Next Steps

Protection for your company and a long-term strategy to against online cyber attacks is not as difficult or as expensive as first may be thought.  To find out how Dimension 85 can help you with this important aspect of your business please contact us using our request a callback facility to arrange a callback. 







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