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Local SEO is a specific strategy of Search Engine Optimization and an important internet marketing strategy for companies that operate in specific geographical locations and want to attract business directly from their local online communities.Local SEO - a winning strategy for business

High number of people search the internet looking for local businesses that can fulfill their needs, whether they are looking for the best price on a set of new tyres for their car,  a specific restaurant for a meal or need to find somewhere where they can buy a special present such as a t-shirt printed with a picture of a jellyfish.

Surveys show that over 80 % of products researched in this way result in a purchase, either online or offline. This is backed up by both Google and Bing indicating that more than 20% of all desktop search queries are considered as local in nature and that number rises to about 50% for mobile devices. It is expected that these numbers will only increase so it is easy to see why local search is becoming more of a priority for many businesses.

Business Requirement

Research also shows people, through either desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, use search engines first to find information online.

With a clamour to be highly visible by just about every local business to gain some of this business opportunity, getting your business seen can become more of a challenge.

This problem is a much bigger issue for smaller local businesses with tighter budgets than their larger rivals, especially if they do not have a bricks and mortar shop to rely on for passing traffic and awareness.    

Furthermore small businesses need to have ways to keep their online presence up to date as Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines are continually changing the rules as to who gets seen in a search and who does not.  

Local SEO Services

As a local company specialising in SEO our business is primarily based in Redhill, Reigate, Dorking and the surrounding areas of Surrey, Sussex and Kent. But our services in Local SEO are applicable to businesses anywhere in the world.

Our Local SEO service is designed to help local businesses succeed in their local communities and also to help them to become self-sufficient in the process of maintaining their local profile as high as possible.  In this way, they can attract an unlimited number of visitors to their website as possible while keeping control of their online costs.

We do this through several different processes such as:

  • Review the current online visibility status.
  • Agree on a course of action of the many SEO activities that will need to be completed.
  • Initiate the SEO activities and actions. 
  • Deliver knowledge transfer to enable self-sufficiency if required.
  • Provide ongoing ad-hoc SEO consulting services to support our clients.

We have found that this approach has helped our clients succeed with their local online marketing, whether it is a London-based entertainment company or a Surrey-based importer.

To protect your own finances, Dimension 85 provides its Local SEO service as a subscription-based service ensuring that you do not have any unexpected costs for keeping online visibility to your prospects and customers.


Local SEO is a  winning strategy for local businesses whether you are in Redhill, Reigate, Dorking, Leatherhead, Crawley, Guildford or Croydon and it is something that is achievable even for the smallest of businesses. Our service delivers the following benefits:   

  • Increased visibility of your website in the search engines.
  • Increased traffic to your website.
  • Transparency of costs associated with achieving optimization of the search engines.
  • Knowledge transfer to you so that you may achieve self-sufficiency if required.
  • Our commitment as  a local business ourselves to your success.

Next steps

Local SEO is the key to attracting local customers and we have both the knowledge and experience to be able to deliver for your business. 
To understand how we can help you with this important business strategy please contact Dimension 85 using our request a callback facility to arrange a callback.






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