Achilles for Websites: Website Survey

Business Issue

As a key go-to-market channel for your business, the effectiveness of your website is probably never far from your thoughts.   Building Surveyor As such keeping it in good health can be both costly and time-consuming especially when there is always so much more to do.

However, often you may not be made aware of problems and issues with your website until some level of damage may have been done, or if your site suffers from performance issues, then you may be losing revenue because potential clients would not wait around while each page loads when your competitor's website runs like a train!.

No website is perfect but effectively as the shop window of your online business it needs to be as close to perfect as possible, especially as the experience your prospects and clients have will help make their mind up about your product, service or doing business with you.

Business Requirement

Maintaining the good health of a website is becoming an ever more critical requirement for some companies and in an environment where you have continual change being applied, with much of it outside of your control, a regular review of your website's health can help towards mitigating the inherent risks that can manifest in a website.

Although you may have already spent thousands of pounds on initially building, what was a great site a while ago, it may not be as bright and healthy for today's online challenges. 

A simple analogy of this is in a house or a building; if you do not continually maintain it then problems, sometimes critical problems, arise.  When an issue is bad enough you would refer to a building surveyor for advice on what is needed to restore the building to a healthy state.  This is how our Achilles for Websites website survey can help.     

Website Survey

The Achilles for Websites is a website survey performed by experienced website and internet professionals who conduct an independent review and analysis of the complete website from several perspectives including the business objectives, the technical structure and architecture, cyber security and how a user interacts with the website. Website Segment Analysis Chart

As all business and websites are different the service is uniquely applied measuring many different facets of the site and provides a scorecard of the survey findings. The scorecard is accompanied by summary documentation of each of the facets measured or observed, enabling further investigation or discussion on project completion. Where appropriate, recommendations may be made and priorities indicated.

The Achilles for Websites employs our established Achilles Methodology as the basis for conducting the website survey and is a highly effective way of identifying where and how you can keep your website in the best of shape for supporting your business.

The Achilles for Digital Website Survey delivers

  • A Website Maturity Index benchmark establishing a single KPI for understanding value derived from website investments.
  • A non-invasive health check of your website, summarised in a scorecard approach.
  • A point-in-time survey of the current status of your website and how it performs against business objectives.
  • Findings are further documented as observations and recommendations to consider for implementation. 
  • The service consultant will deliver the findings of the report in a project completion meeting.  


Independent surveys and assessment are considered as best practice and can contribute significantly to keeping costs reduced by maintaining the health of your website. Benefits include:

  • Identified areas of business risk inherent within your website with summary recommendations to enable resolution.
  • Increased insight into the performance and measurement of the company's website.
  • Knowledge transfer and awareness of current best practices.
  • Establishes a baseline for future assessment activities.

Next steps

An Achilles for Websites website survey is a highly effective way and cost-effective way to establish a baseline view of your website and to determine potential enhancements that would enhance your website investment.  For further information either give us a call on 033 33 44 11 25 or use our request a callback facility to arrange a callback.


Our Achilles for Websites: Website Survey has delivered valuable insights to companies and received a 5 star review from . For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.