Website Maturity Index

Just as every company is different and every website is different as well.  There are few methods available to enable a company to determine how effective and fit for purpose their website is.

As a website represents a major fiscal investment for many organisations it can often become a blind spot for the business when coming to understanding if the value derived from the investment represents good value for money.

To help alleviate this problem Dimension 85 has developed the Website Maturity Index (WMI).  The objective of the index is to establish a basis for governance that can be applied to a website.

Website Maturity Levels

To ensure its effectiveness as a management key performance indicator (KPI), a set of levels has been established that relate to different for classification of website management maturity within the index.Website Maturity Index
Each level signifies a major step in capability and maturity for the website.  Within each level it is possible to add a further level of granularity; this value we derive from our analysis and website survey techniques.
This enables management to have an effective method of monitoring investment over time in the website through a single KPI.  This is because once established a WMI can be used to monitor the effectiveness and capability of the website as it evolves as changes in the KPI reflect changes in the overall fitness and health of the website and how effectives it is to deliver against the business objectives defined for it.

Website Maturity Structure

The WMI is derived from a defined and established framework that applies a structure for effective management of a website.  The framework applies a set of governance criteria across the full spectrum of disciplines that must be considered when building, managing and operating a website.
Dimension 85 has established the core set of disciplines that individually have a major role to play in the success of a website but when viewed and managed together a more powerful and effective method of maximising internet investment.
The WMI is derived through assessment and analysis using our proven  Achilles Methodology and delivered in our website survey service, Achilies for Websites.  

Next Steps

As a primary go-to-market channel, your website can benefit from the Website Maturity Index as it is a highly effective way and cost-effective way to monitor and manage your investment over time.  For further information please contact Dimension 85  using our request a callback facility.






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