Project Management Services

Business Issue

Website and SEO Project Management Driving change in the internet and digital environment to sustain competitive advantage can be challenging and will almost certainly lead to a reliance on your competent but already stretched marketing and technical teams.  

It is not unusual for the projects being asked of them are one-off in nature and require that they employ skills that may not have already acquired or may not come naturally to them.  

Sometimes your team may just need some short term extra resources to help them get through a very busy period of change.

These types of projects can also have a habit of being tripped up by issues and 'gotchas' that have been seen in other companies many times before.

Consequently, projects costs can be higher than expected and worse still project deadlines may be missed resulting in potential negative impacts on the business.

Business Requirement

Operating an internet and digital environment is fine when things are going well and there are no changes to implement.  However, this industry does not stand still and there are always changes to consider to digital infrastructure and skills to enhance in order to remain competitive and cost effective.

Both the media and advertisers paint a great picture of how easy the internet is and building a website is just 'point and click' or plug it in and it will work. Unfortunately as experience shows us, the reality is something different.

Repeatable activities are generally not an issue as your own professionals will manage these as 'business as usual', but changing hosting service provider or a rewrite your website, implementation of a major website upgrade or technology platform change may require access to skills that you only require occasionally or perhaps only once.  In such circumstances,  there is an increase in risk to your online and digital services which may become adversely affected when changes occur.    

These types of projects can become very expensive quickly and access to technical specialists who can project manage or even implement parts of or the entire project can make the difference.   

Project Management Service

Through its partner organisations, Dimension 85 has access to the skills necessary to address any situation, no matter how bespoke the requirement may be.

This service is not the same as hiring contracting staff as we fully cope the project, resources are planned and costed and then once everything is approved, the project executed.  On completion, our project team conduct a full handover of all activities to your own personnel ensuring continuity of services for your internet and digital projects.

You will be assigned an experienced project manager who will ensure that the service is conducted as agreed and to ensure that you are aware of the project status at all times.

As such this service can be highly effective in achieving change in your internet and digital assets and enable a faster return on investment to be achieved.

The Project Management Service delivers

  • A dedicated project manager to ensure project completion and business continuity throughout the project.
  • Implementation of project based on proven project processes.
  • Access to resources to conduct the project if necessary.
  • Formal handover on project completion.


  • Access to the necessary skills to implement or enhance your internet and digital infrastructure and processes.
  • Project managed in a cost-effective and risk-reduced way.
  • Current best practice applied to project deliverables.

Next steps

Project Management Services is a complete service solution and is completely tailored to your own business and project requirements. 

This service is a fully bespoke solution ensuring that your business maximizes your digital investment. 

To find out if we can help your business through an internet-based project please have a conversation with us as the first step.  






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