Internet Consulting

A problem shared

We know that you see the internet, your website and other digital assets as being important to the success of your business.  So being held back by this ever-evolving technology can be a problem for your business. Press Go for Consulting Like you, we also know that the best way to resolve a problem is to ensure that it is fully understood and this is our starting point for working with all of our clients.  

This is the reason why we have developed our range of consulting services and supporting metrics and methodologies to enable a clear starting point to be established when helping businesses with the issues that arise when you invest in the internet and other digital assets such as websites, social media and online marketing campaigns.

We provide three main consulting service options each of which we customise to meet your exact needs and requirements and so ensuring business value is achieved from the work we do with you.

Our services

Our internet consulting services included:

  •  Achilles. Our Achilles consulting service is about identifying the  strengths and weakness in you digital landscape and so helping you establish a plan of action to mitigate any vulnerabilities or to drive you business forward.  Our Achilles for Digital service provides a more in-depth understanding of what Achilles could do for your company.
  • Website Survey.  When you know something is not quite right about your website or you just want to find out if you can improve it, our Website Survey may provide the answer.  The survey looks at both the business and technical aspects of your website and goes much further than any of the available  online assessments that are freely available on the web.  This low-touch high-value service can be invaluable if you plan to enhance your website but are not sure where to place your investment and in what priority.  Find out more on our web page about our website surveys.
  • Project Management. Doing business on the internet is not just about commissioning a website.  Running a website or other digital asset can be extremely expensive for a business and quickly engage one of your staff full time. However, when there are tasks to be done that may be one-off or infrequent activities using specialists to control, manage and potentially resource such projects can prove highly cost-effective.  Our Project Management web page provides further insights as to how we may help your and your team with such projects.  

A tailored fit

Like all of the services and product we provide at Dimension 85, all of our consulting services are conducted in a fully bespoke manner ensuring that your business maximizes its investment in its digital assets.

To find out how Dimension 85 can help you with this important aspect of your business either give us a call on 033 33 44 11 25 or use our request a callback facility to arrange a callback.