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Business Issue

Investment in websites, social and other online marketing activities is seen as critical to the success of many businesses today as increasingly more commercial activity is done through the internet than ever before.  As there is no sign of this changing in the foreseeable future, in order to capitalise on this business opportunity it is becoming more important that a business understands how its digital assets and investments are performing and that returns are being maximized.

There has been an inordinate focus by many to attain the coveted first-page high ranking and placements on Google, Bing, Yahoo and any other search engine that is used but as many have found, this is not a simple process. It is costly, comes with a high degree of risk and as it may take many months to achieve before you know if you are being successful; in the meantime you may miss out to more agile competitors on the way. 

Furthermore, as search engines are fickle things and prone to changes almost overnight, there are few that would condone a strategy that could see a major business-generating channel significantly affected or even lost due to changes that are beyond the control of your own business.

Traffic growth from Achilles for Digital

Business Requirement

As a business has a reliance on its website to generate, sales leads, online sales, provide support services,  deliver information or just raise awareness it is necessary to find ways of reducing the inherent business risks that business websites incur.

Also, of interest is a continual desire to reduce costs while increasing the productivity and services provided through the company website and digital services.

Typically, the internet and digital assets of a company are often managed by technical staff and, unfortunately, this has the potential for a 'disconnect' or 'miscommunication' of activities and achievements with business management; a situation that is not uncommon. 

Such situations are not conducive to maximizing revenue and profit opportunities but with most business/technical relationships they can also be very difficult to address in terms that business managers relate too.   

The internet is awash with too many different solutions which manifests itself as a continual barrage of emails from suppliers and online adverts promoting the latest product or service being marketed by both vendors and media to solve such problems. 

One thing is certain, - it is not about how well your website ranks in Google but how well your website supports and helps drive business.  

Consequently, management of your website is a business, not a technical issue. 

Achilles for Digital

Internet technologies are now mature enough to warrant full consideration of how they are deployed and although few standards exist, there is an emergence of sufficient best practices that when applied can substantially deliver higher performance from the company's digital assets and with it, increased ROI.

Achilles for Digital is consulting service that helps companies to increase the value of their investment in their online marketing activities.

As a well proven and repeatable process, it delivers a point-in-time assessment and gap analysis of all of the online marketing activities, such as the website, social programmes and other digital initiatives against current considered best practices.  It then considers their performance against currently stated business objectives.

Using proven, non-invasive, methods and techniques, known as the Achilles Methodology, this service enables the various options available for establishing a business-led strategy for online marketing activities to be identified that covers both the short and long term.

Through the Achilles process, Dimension 85 assesses and benchmarks your online and offline approach to internet-based business. 

As long-term exponents of internet and website technologies our vendor-independent Achilles assessment will identify areas of opportunity to enhance the performance of all internet activities, such as websites, social, email marketing and other digital investments and identify opportunities for increasing business activity and performance through the presentation of a prioritised set of pragmatic and cost effective recommendations.

The Achilles for Digital programme delivers

  • A point-in-time assessment and analysis of current internet and digital activities against business objectives.
  • Comparison of current internet and digital asset implementation against current best practice.
  • Potential enhancement identification and cost-effective recommendations.
  • Transfer of information that will contribute to future investment decisions and process repetition.
  • Increased insight of website and digital assets contributing to improved decision making.
  • Management tool aimed at reducing investment risk. 


As considered best practice, independent assessment can contribute significantly to maximising the return of investment from digital assets and helping in the achievement of marketing and other business objectives. Benefits include:

  • Increased insight into the performance and measurement of the company's website and other digital assets.
  • Potential identification of opportunities for increasing online business opportunities.
  • Business-oriented prioritized approach to a continual programme of improvement.
  • Potential for reduced costs and more efficient online applications.
  • Knowledge transfer and awareness of current best practices.
  • Establishing a baseline for future assessment activities.

Next steps

Achilles for Digital is a complete service solution that is customised to meet the requirements of your  business and we would like to have a conversation with you as the first step to helping you obtain the benefits the Achilles process.  

If you would like to find out more about how the Achilles process can help you please contact Dimension 85 using our request a callback facility.






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