Anaerobic Digester

Anaerobic Digester

System for breaking down biodegradable material


Anaerobic Digesters are systems that can take biodegradable waste, such as slaughterhouse waste, swine manure, and grassy crops, and speeds up their degeneration.

The process occurs in the absence of oxygen and is a method of creating a renewal energy supply in the form of a biogas, such as biomethane, which can be up to 95% pure methane. Additionally a rich fertiliser is produced as a natural by-product of the process.

The green aspective of this technology is that the normal decomposition of the waste would generate methane and CO2 allowing it to freely enter the atmosphere. Anaerobic Digesters enable the capture of these gases for recycling as fuels

These systems are being adopted throughout the world and a quick surf of the internet will find many examples for further review.


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