SEO Foundation: The basic principles of Search Engine Optimization - Course

This course covers the basic principles of Search Engine Optimization, SEO, ensuring a sound foundation on which to develop a formal web site management strategy that can maximise the power of teh internet search engines. It is suitable for IT, Marketing and other professionals who are tasked with, or are need an understanding of, SEO. It delivers a comprehensive overview of the core components of SEO covering how the internet technologies interact and the effect they can have on your own web site. The course also discusses the requirements and considerations for incorporating a long term strategy for SEO within your business and explains how an effective initiative can benefit your web site and online marketing objectives.

Ref: D85-SEO212
Price: 325 (ex VAT)
Course Length: One Day
Course Type: Interactive Learning format.
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Course Benefit Summary

For any organisation who requires greater return on investment from their web site and online marketing campaigns, this course establishes a foundation of technical knowledge that is necessary to underpin an SEO strategy. This course provides a jargon free instruction on the concepts, methods and processes that are incorporated within a programme of search engine optimization and advises on how to implement a programme within your organisation.

This course enables you to understand industry best practices and align them to your own methods and processes and its aim is to provide delegates with sufficient knowledge to enable their implementation, where appropriate.

Course Objectives

On completion of the course, you should be able to:

  • Understand the core elements of a search engine, how it works and what it is attempting to achieve.
  • Implement recommended best practices for SEO and understand how to apply them within your organisation.
  • Know how to identify and evaluate problems and issues with a web site affecting its business performance.
  • Describe the key structure and architectural components of a web site and how they can affect business performance.
  • Define and describe the main components of an SEO programme.
  • Contribute to a planning process to define and SEO strategy and programme of activities.
  • Report and monitor web site performance.

Delegates own contributions, questions and experiences are welcomed and add to these core topics.

Interactive Learning Format

Combining a mix of presentation, workshops and discussion techniques the course is delivered in a style that encourages learning through interaction and where possible the topics discussed are applied to your own environment. Attendees receive a course book as a comprehensive record of the course and for use as future reference.

Course Description

SEO Foundation: The basic principles of Search Engine Optimization covers the primary components of search engine optimization necessary to establish a strong base core of knowledge that enables the delegate to begin applying best practice techniques and methods immediately to your own web sites.

The course covers basic search engine principles, terminology, internet and web site structure and recommended best practices. It then goes on to cover how to conduct SEO activities, explaining best practice guidance and implementation at each step.

Through the ideas presented it explains how the long term management of an SEO campaign for a web site can enhance its business performance. Monitoring of reporting on web site performance is also covered with methods for collating, analysing and reviewing data to aid future strategy and tectical web site and SEO decisions.

Using the lessons learned in this course can empower the delegate to promote and instigate positive enhancements to web site performance and drive informative discussions with their counterparts on how to identify and prioritise web site activities to align with the marketing and business objectives of the online service.

With raising awareness a major objective, this course is an important training tool for gaining a fast start with SEO so that early benefits can be achieved.

Who Should Attend

Individuals who need to have an understanding of, or are responsible for managing or maintaining web site business performance.

This can include any member of the Marketing or IT teams who require an understanding of how a web site is viewed and perceived by the internet's search engines, Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. It is also relevant to anyone interested in understanding how a formal strategy for SEO can benefit and deliver long term benefits for the web site and future marketing-related activities.

Delegates own contributions, questions and experiences are welcomed.

Suggested Prerequisites:

There are no formal prerequisites for this course since the course is designed to explain the concepts of implementing and maintaining an SEO initiative to Managers, IT and Marketing Professionals, Consultants and Administrators.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Continuous Professional Development (CPD):

This course can be considered as a course module suitable for inclusion within your programme of Continuing Professional Development and a certificate of attendance can be requested on request.

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