EU Code of Conduct

Why a Code for Data Centres Energy Efficiency?

Integral to the European Union's response to ever increasing energy demand is the European Union Code of Conduct on Data Centres Energy Efficiency (CoC). The EU Code of Conduct is about reducing energy demand, securing future supply and lowering costs.

Developed by the European Union's Joint Research Centre (JRC) the Code is an initial response to the accelerated rising power consumption of Data Centres across the EU.

As an emerging and recognised standard of excellence and accepted by The Green Grid, BCS and other leading industry organisations, it sets out guidance that can positively impact energy consumption and capital and operational costs for Data Centres.

YearPower Consumption
2007 (Reported)56 TWh
2020 (Projection)104 TWh
Source EU Joint Research Centre
Key : TWh - TeraWatt Hours

With the projected consumption of power for Data Centres alone expected to double by 2020, the laws of supply and demand principles will undoubtedly come into play.

Power, its generation and distribution systems, are already coming under strain and power outages, through excessive demand requirements across the world, are not uncommon.

There is now a considerable rise in concern for the environment with carbon-based energy being seen as a main culprit for potential climate change.

At this point, the EU's strategy is to provide clear and concise direction aligned with common sense without resorting to legislation.

Actions required by Data Centre Owners

Embracing the EU Code of Conduct will deliver higher value and longer term benefits in energy consumption and cost management over and above tactical solutions such as virtualisation. This makes it an ideal methodology for contributing to the strategic long term programme management for the Data Centre and other IT-based energy consuming offices and locations within the organisation.

Data Centre owners and Managers who align themselves with the EU Code of Conduct are known as 'Participants'. This status signifies a commitment to part or all of the aims and objectives of the EU Code of Conduct and adoption will aid energy efficiency over time through the establishment of a measured and considered programme of change. Find out how Dimension 85 can help you to become a Participant.

Vendor Activities

Vendors can also achieve a recognised adoption status for the EU Code of Conduct. Termed 'Endorsers', vendors must align to a measured set of criteria and have a recognised commitment, through its products and services, to the success of the EU Code of Conduct. Dimension 85 is an approved Endorser of the EU Code of Conduct and all of our products and services are focussed on delivering value through energy efficiency to our clients and visitors to our site. Further information on what to expect from an Endorser or to find out how Dimension 85 can help you become an Endorser is available.

Dimension 85 specialises in helping companies maximise their energy efficiency and reduce costs through the recommendations of the EU Code of Conduct. We have developed Assessor for this need, which is an online software tool that provides consulting expertise to enable an organisation run their own benchmarks, monitor the energy consumption and work with key data centre metrics, which are the key requirements of the European Code of Conduct on Data Centre Energy Efficiency. For organisations that require a traditional consulting approach we have developed the Achilles for Data Centre Energy Efficiency, which delivers a cost-effctive assessment and gap analysis to support your energy efficiency programme.

Contact Dimension 85 for further information.

A more detailed overview of the EU Code of Conduct can be found at EU Code of Conduct on Data Centres Energy Efficiency

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