An online baselining, assessment and monitoring software solution that enhances your ability for maximising energy efficiency and get the most out of the industry best practices recommended by the European Union in their EU Code of Conduct on Data Centres Energy Efficiency.

Assessor provides a foundation for establishing strategic and prioritised planning and delivers insight into the current status of energy efficiency across the IT infrastructure and is an important discipline for managing key data centre metrics and indicators, such as long term PUE and DCiE.

Assessor saves you time and money by simplifying and supporting compliance reporting for organisations who are Participants or are preparing to be a Participant of the EU Code of Conduct on Data Centres Energy Efficiency.

Business Issues

With rising power costs, increasing demand requirements and approaching legislative pressures, enhanced control of energy management for the data centre has never been more important.

Establishing a prioritised plan that drives an ordered programme of change for the data centre is paramount to your success and necessary to secure operational cost savings, maximise return on investment (ROI) and meet potential compliance requirements.

Identifying resources to address these issues competes with other business priorities and budgets always demand that you do more with less!

Business Solution

As a management issue, improving energy efficiency needs a management oriented solution.

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Using industry, and EU recommended best practices that bring together a wealth of experience and expertise, maximising the benefits requires a traditional approach of assess, analyse and action. These activities form the basis of a sound data centre energy efficiency management programme. With its benchmarking and ongoing assessment facilities, data centre metric tools and consultative approach to developing a programme of prioritised pragmatic change, Assessor fulfils this need.

Developing and empowering your own IT professionals through Assessor can reduce costs while equipping your team with a consulting oriented tool that manages the assessment and monitoring processes necessary to deliver business benefits and retain Executive commitment to infrastructure change.

Managing Your Project

Employing a proven consulting methodology Assessor takes you through the process of assessment of your data centre infrastructure against industry recommended best practices for data centre infrastructure and management.

This repeatable process generates value based reports that contribute to the decision processes for identifying, establishing and prioritising a programme of change for the data centre and to support business case development with the organisation's Executive.

Assessor provides the tools necessary to establish data centre metric monitoring and provides guidance on establishing all of the associated processes necessary.


  1. Aids prioritisation of tasks to secure reduced energy costs and maximise ROI.
  2. Provides consistent reporting to drive development of data centre energy efficiency change programmes.
  3. Empowers IT department personnel with consulting methodology for assessment of data centre infrastructure.
  4. Improves knowledge of IT personnel of best practices, terminology, industry standards and information sources through assessment process.
  5. Utilises proven and documented assessment methodologies.
  6. Defers consulting costs for baseline and assessment activities.
  7. Contributes to EU CoC requirements for acceptance and ongoing compliance reporting for Participant status.


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Assessor is an annually licensed service and can be purchased online or through one of our an authorised agents. Each license applies to a specific Data Centre enabling benchmarking and assessment for the licensed location.

For alternative purchasing options, such multiple data centre or Consulting licences, Contact Us to request information.

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