Achilles Methodology


The Achilles Methodology is our approach to analytical consulting projects. Its main objective is to enable a comparison between current practice and accepted best practice, which may be an ISO, EN or BSi standard, to be achieved. The outcome of the process is to create a point-in-time assessment and gap analysis that can be used to determine future planning, actions and decision making.

With it's name taken from Greek mythology, the Achilles Methodology focusses in on the weaknesses of strategy, current operational activity and implemented and planned technologies. Based on best practice principles, with the exception of potential interviews, it is completely non-invasive to business-as-usual operations. Consequently an assessment conducted using the Achilles consulting methodology is completed quickly, with minimum disruption and completely cost effectively.

Applicable to almost any discipline we have established strong Achilles-based solutions for our clients in many areas including:

  • Energy efficiency and power management within IT and the data centre
  • Online marketing, web site performance and search engine optimization
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for both IT and to meet wider corporate objectives.

Before an assessment can be conducted it is necessary to scope the requirement fully so that a programme, and associated costs, for the assessment can be agreed. This approach ensures that the assessment can be conducted at a fixed price, enabling budget to be secured and expectations correctly set.

An Achilles Assessment will deliver varied reports dependent on the discipline being assessed, but as a minimum the assessment will deliver:

  • Point-in-time assessment of the target discipline.
  • Gap analysis against the assessed best practice or recognised standard.
  • Set of observations relating to the assessed discipline.
  • Set of recommendations relating to the observations, where appropriate.

Benefits of Achilles Methodology

Regular independent assessment is accepted best practice and contributes significantly to identifying cost savings and productivity enhancements. It can also aid in vendor and technology selection processes. Achilles is a well proven methodology that has been used across many different disciplines, further significant delivered benefits include:

  • Repeatable process that can be passed on to your own personnel.
  • Vendor-independent assessment ensures impartiality to any specific technology or vendor solution.
  • Transfer of knowledge gained from the assessment and observation processes inherent within the methodology.
  • Easy to conduct with minimal impact on business-as-usual operations.
  • Completely scalable to meet the requirements of any size team, department, company or organisation.
  • Low cost
  • Establishes a baseline for future assessment activities.

Next Steps

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