Achilles for Data Centre Energy Efficiency

Business Issues

The cost of power consumed by IT resources or within an organisation's Data Centre is still a major component of expenditure of the IT budget and with legislation now in place to control carbon emissions, there is still a need to drive energy efficiency measures that are both pragmatic and effective.

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For some data centres the 'low hanging fruit' has been picked and it is considered that the job has now been done. However, considerable energy and power saving opportunities can remain and obtaining these benefits can require a more long term approach is taken, meticulous planning undertaken and activities are correctly prioritised. As such this is not a simple task.

Business Solution

To maximise the cost reduction and efficiency opportunities, power management requires that a strategic and prioritised plan exists that drives an ordered programme of change focussed on these issues.

This can be achieved through the regular (annual) assessment and gap analysis against defacto industry best practices, of current data centre infrastructure, management tools, processes and service delivery objectives. This allows for a long term strategy to be rationalised and aligned with other strategic business and corporate initiatives. This approach allows for a considered programme of change which can be established with predictable ROI and through benchmarking and maturity modelling, achievement against objectives can be measured and plans adjusted as appropriate.

Using our proven consulting methodology, Achilles, Dimension 85 has developed a non-invasive solution that assesses and benchmarks your data centre infrastructure, processes and personnel against the current IT and Data Centre industry energy efficiency best practices.

This vendor and technology-independent assessment service identifies areas of opportunity to enhance energy efficiency, establishes opportunities for service and cost enhancement and presents a set of pragmatic and cost effective recommendations enabling priorities, resources and ROI potential to be identified.

Achilles for Data Centre Energy Efficiency Assessment Delivers

  1. Analysis of data centre infrastructure and management processes and resources
  2. Energy efficiency assessment of processes, technology and other infrastructure resources
  3. Potential enhancement identification and cost-effective recommendations
  4. Transfer of information that will contribute to future investment decisions


Regular independent assessment of your data centre infrastructure for energy efficiency is accepted best practice, contributes significantly to identifying cost saving and productivity enhancements and can aid in vendor and technology selection process. Further significant benefits include:

  1. Increased insight into the energy efficiency status of the data centre.
  2. Identification of potential opportunities for enhanced energy efficiency.
  3. Energy-efficiency oriented priority approach to programme of change.
  4. Potential for reduced cost and more efficient infrastructure.
  5. Establishes a baseline for future assessment activities.
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