NaturalSEO is our methodology for enabling an organisation to implement a cost effective and open Search Engine Optimization (SEO) programme for their web site that empowers their own personnel with skills and negates the requirement for a long term SEO-consulting engagement.

Based on industry best practice and our experience of over ten years of working with web sites and internet applications we are able to simplify the science behind internet search for you and the practice of search engine optimization necessary to achieve long term success on the internet.

Business Issue

Use of the internet and a web site as a method for attracting and conducting business has progressed a long way in only a decade. However, with three main search engines, Bing, Yahoo and Google controlling the way individuals search and receive information on the internet, in order to get visitors to your web site it has never been more important to understand how these search engines operate.

With millions of web sites now vying for the same set of customers organisations are paying a considerable portion of their marketing budget to obtain a good placement in search engine results but the approaches used can often have short-term effects or may even be completely non-effective. Also with the current financial climate, organisations are not always able to provide the funds necessary to risk on achieving a page one placement in Google.

The internet is full of SEO solutions for companies that can guarantee success. Hardly a day passes without an email arriving informing you that you can have your web site returned on page one of Google. However, few of these opportunities will leave you empowered to repeat the process without the use of long term and expensive consulting services.

Google dominates the search market and is consistently enhancing the rules of engagement, which for small company makes it even more difficult to compete with long term and well established company web sites. However, this does not need to be the case.

Business Solution

The NaturalSEO methodology enables you to resolve this problem while reducing the risk to your marketing budget. Through a proven process we are able to work with you to identify the areas requiring attention in your web site strategy and then identify where and how to apply the necessary best practices to make your web site more successful.

The process is non-invasive, quick and effective.

Our objective is two-fold:

  1. To implement a winning strategy for your web site that will result in more business traffic.
  2. To raise awareness and empower your technical team with NaturalSEO skills making the process repeatable and extremely cost effective.

The benefits of NaturalSEO are many

  • Facilitates prioritisation of tasks to secure early ROI through increased targetted web site traffic.
  • Aligns with, and so exploits the benefits of Google, Bing and Yahoo strategies
  • Empowers web site personnel with a methodology for maintaining improved internet search responses.
  • Improves knowledge of personnel of best practices, terminology and information sources through NaturalSEO process.
  • NaturalSEO is based on industry best practice and so is not proprietary.
NaturalSEO assessment sign-up

We can provide you with a free quotation to find out how NaturalSEO can resolve existing web site issues and develop a long term winning strategy for increasing business through the internet.

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